Vad jag tycker om de nominerade Oscars-filmerna

Nu har jag sett alla filmer i kategorin ”bästa film”  Här under finns recension till samtliga filmer och vilken ordning jag placerar filmerna i. Snart dags för Oscars, YAY!

Get Out (recension) / ★★★★
Call Me by Your Name 
(recension) / ★★★★
Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (recension) ★★★½
(recension) / ★★★½
Darkest Hour
(recension) / ★★★½
The Shape of Water
(recension) / ★★★
Lady Bird
(recension) / ★★½
The Post (recension) / ★★
Phantom Thread (recension) /

Vilka av filmerna har ni hunnit se?

+ vad jag tycker om några andra filmer som inte är nominerade i ”bästa film” men i andra kategorier.

Baby Driver (recension) / ★★★★½
The big sick
(recension) / ★★★★
I, Tonya
(recension) / ★★★★
The square (recension) / ★★★★
The Florida Project (recension) / ★★★½
The Disaster Artist (recension) / ★★★½
The Greatest Showman (recension) / ★★★½

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  1. Mucker , I hadn”t watched a second of film before this comment, but I figured Minkah was a good place to start. I watched a couple games from 2016 and 2017 and here”s what I think: Good Smart: He knows his responsibilities on every play and he processes quickly. Physical: Handles WRs easily and looked the part when lining up at LB and even EDGE. Zone coverage: Able to stick to WRs and read QB. Sure tackler Ball skills: Plus high pointer, ballhawk Not So Good Man coverage: Struggles with his back to the ball. Hips: Not really fluid, got turned around a few times. Drops head on tackles at times going for hits. I read recently that Nick Saban is anti-backpedal, which is surprising, and I think that shows on Minkah”s tape. He”s really good in zone coverage, against the run and tracking the ball in the air, but he didn”t show the ability to be a standout outside CB in the NFL, imo. Not saying he can”t improve in that area (especially if he wasn”t coached to pedal and swivel), but I”m not spending a first rounder on him as a CB. DB drills at the Combine will be huge for him. Based on what I”ve heard/read, I expected Jalen Ramsey-lite with Minkah. The tape shows something more like Jamal Adams-lite, though. Nothing at all wrong with that, but I”ll have to watch some Derwin James to see who the top safety in this draft is. 1 0

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